Consumer Goods


The consumer goods industry accounts for two thirds of the volume of trade in the world economy and encompasses several manufacturing sectors and subsectors, including electronics, appliances, recreational boats, toys, furnishings, office products, sporting goods, and house wares. Consumer goods are the end result of production and manufacturing, and are the items a buyer sees on the store shelf. When a customer visits any large retailer, they are surrounded by countless products manufactured with the assistance of a CNC router or machining center.

The consumer goods industry is particularly competitive and volatile, and is currently facing a number of challenges, including rising costs, product innovation demands, and supply chain issues. In order to meet these challenges, consumer goods companies need to be able to adapt quickly to the shifts in customer demand, and effectively manage escalating costs.

The implementation of CNC machining technology gives businesses an edge by providing them with the tools to succeed in this environment. By using a CNC router to aid production, manufacturers have been able to dramatically decrease lead time, which allows them to respond very quickly to market changes and helps to reduce overall costs. In addition to these significant production advantages, the technology also results in a better quality product at a lower price, which benefits the consumer too.

Diversified Machine Systems 3 and 5 axis CNC routers and machining centers are used by leading manufacturers throughout the consumer goods industry for shaping and cutting materials to produce products ranging from refrigerators to tennis racquets and everything in between. Our CNC routers and machining centers are well known for their sustained repeatability and precision, factors that play a critical role in the fast-paced consumer goods market. DMS has worked closely with our consumer goods clients to develop custom solutions for their respective product lines, taking into account their unique manufacturing concerns. DMS’ customer driven approach and robust product line will ensure that you meet your production goals, and stay one step ahead of the competition.