DMS is a trusted partner in the aerospace industry, from working with Fortune 500 companies, to small operations, we understand what it takes to thrive in this industry and give our partners the tools they need to succeed.

Serving the Aerospace Industry for 30 Years

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) has a proven track record in the aerospace industry, with customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, individual part manufacturers. In order to remain competitive and reduce costs, companies in this evolving industry are producing parts out of materials such as lightweight plastics, composites and honeycomb.

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Lightweight Composites

The use of strong, lightweight composites such as Fiber Reinforced Plastics/Polymers (FRP’s) and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics/Polymers (CFRP’s) are revolutionizing the aerospace industry. Planes made with CFRP wings and fuselages weigh up to 35% less, and are more aerodynamic, stronger, and corrosion-resistant than aircraft built using traditional materials. In addition, lighter aircraft require less fuel to fly, which lowers yearly operating costs. More durable than steel or aluminum, CFRPs are so strong that at one-quarter the density of steel, they are two to three times stronger. Not only that, they’re significantly lighter as compared to metal.

Carbon Fiber

The use of carbon fiber materials speeds up the production process and reduces manufacturing costs. DMS CNC 3 and 5-axis routers and machining centers are applicable in all facets of the aerospace fabrication process, from design and development to final construction and fabrication. Oftentimes, aerospace companies will use a 5-axis enclosed overhead gantry router to cut common materials such as honeycomb, foam and plastics.

Aluminum Honeycomb

Since aluminum honeycomb is also becoming one of the go-to materials in aerospace manufacturing, our team understands the specific benefits and challenges of working on this durable yet lightweight metal. We configure our machines from the ground-up to ensure that not only your end products are repeatable, but your materials are getting the care they need.

The Design Process

Our machines are also used to create small scale aircraft prototypes out of materials such as clay and foam during the design process. DMS routers are also employed to cut, shape and drill plastic, metal, and a variety of composite parts used in the cabin, cockpit, and air frame of the aircraft.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, (OEM) DMS is able to configure custom machines for most aerospace parts to cut. Our in-house engineers understand the unique challenges that come with the aerospace industry, and are specially trained to help professionals in this field solve complex problems.

DMS and the Aerospace Industry

We understand that the aerospace landscape is ever-changing, technical and intricate. The engineers at DMS speak the aerospace language and spin up innovative ideas that have never been seen before. Our goal is to meet your aerospace manufacturing needs in a way that not only saves you time but reduces waste and overhead costs.  Many of our partners come to us with a part in mind, and from there we create a CNC router with the capabilities that they need from blueprint to factory floor installation. 

When it comes to aerospace manufacturing, DMS is a proven expert partner for companies around the globe. Our team of specialists will get a machine in your shop that will produce the specific results that you’re looking for with your CNC router or machining center. 

If you would like to discuss more on how our USA-based team of experts can build you the perfect CNC router for your aerospace manufacturing needs reach out to us today at 855-266-5064 or email us at

The opening of a large 5 axis machine on the factory floor

Nothing makes a factory floor like a DMS 5-axis CNC router. This one is an overhead gantry at one of our aerospace partner’s facilities.

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