The Freedom Line

The Freedom CNC router line offers a universal platform with the rigidity and repeatability required to process many materials, including wood, plastics, foam, aluminum, composites and more.

DMS Freedom CNC Routers

Whatever material you are working with, we can configure and build a CNC router to accurately and efficiently get the job done. All Freedom CNC routers are proudly engineered and produced by Diversified Machine Systems, a leader in the CNC industry. The same industrial components demanded by Fortune 500 companies are standard on all our Freedom machines, which translates into a durable product that your business can depend on.

Every Freedom CNC router is produced in Colorado Springs, CO at our world headquarters where we handle everything from welding the frame together to assembling the various components and finally conducting quality control cuts. Rest easy knowing every Freedom CNC router comes with lifetime technical support.


The Freedom 4×4 CNC router brings high quality and durability to a small workspace. It is ideal for small, specialty manufacturing like Orthotics and for shops requiring a very small footprint like garage or home shops.

Freedom 4 CNC machine


The Freedom 4×8 CNC router is a great entry-level, industrial machine or can be a fine addition to the advanced home workshop. It is ideal for processing 4×8 wood and plastic sheet material or composite panels and nested-based applications. Great for hardwood, thin aluminum sheet cutting and 3D pattern making or carving

Freedom 8 CNC machine


The Freedom 10 Standard CNC Router is an upgrade from the Freedom 4 or 8 in strength and weight and provides a large work area ideal for nested-based machining.

Freedom 10 CNC machine


The Freedom 12 CNC Router is an industrial-quality 3-axis 5′ x 12′ moving gantry CNC router with 12″ of Z-axis travel and is capable of maximum rapid feed rates of 1,200 inches per minute.

The DMS Freedom 5x12 CNC router
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