Freedom 10

The Freedom 10 Standard CNC Router is an upgrade from the Freedom 4 or 8 in strength and weight and provides a large work area ideal for nested-based machining. The table size is ideal for larger woodworking jobs and can finish a cabinet system much faster than conventional means. This machine is also good at machining hardwoods, Baltic Birch sheets, thin aluminum and composite panels.

Min – Max Axes Strokes * DMS standard configuration: X axis = Bridge axis
60″ 120″ 12″ C-Axis optional
Operating Units and Spindles
Max Power (S1 / S6) Max rpm Spindles Range (min-max kW)(S1) Units Range
8kw              24,000 4.5-8kw Hiteco MT200
Transmission type Feedback encoders Motor Encoders Machine Envelope (Table Size) HMI + NCs
Spinning Ball Nut & Recirculating Ball Screw 5’x10′ Rack-Man 12 Fagor+ Fagor

Common Materials

Wood – Foam – Composites – Aluminum – Plastics – Acrylics

Common Industries

Woodworking – Orthotics – Automotive – Plastics & Acrylics – Sign Making – Aerospace – Other Medical – Marine – Energy – Manufacturing


  • Complimentary Technical Support
  • Professional installation & training available
  • Warranty  –  1 Year limited warranty and basic phone support
  • Parts Warranty

Looking for Freedom Machine Tool or FMT Patriot?

Diversified Machine Systems still services all CNCs sold under the names of Freedom Machine Tool and FMT Patriot. If you own one of these machines and have a service or upgrade question, our team of experts will happily assist you at or 855-266-5063.

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