DMS has been partnering with woodworkers since day one to create high-quality CNC routers to add to their shops. A DMS CNC machine can turn any woodworking space from a mom-and-pop shop to a full-fledged enterprise.

Serving the Woodworking Industry for 30 Years

Woodworking customers are some of Diversified Machine System’s (DMS) biggest clientele, making up for a large majority of our Freedom line sales. Since this profession requires not only craftsmanship but also artistic integrity, our stable yet rigid machines make the perfect partner for any woodworker.

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Plank of wood with wood shavings

A Workhorse For Your Shop

Oftentimes, woodworking is accomplished by hand, but using a Freedom line CNC allows for a woodworker to free up their time and get more production out of their day. Woodworkers often transform their factory floors with more than one DMS CNC once they see the benefits that they bring to their shop.

Respect for Woodworking

At DMS, we respect the craftsmanship that goes into woodworking and help you create the products that help other businesses grow, and create beautiful homes. All Freedom CNC routers are proudly engineered and produced by Diversified Machine Systems, a leader in the CNC industry. The same industrial components demanded by Fortune 500 companies are standard on all our Freedom machines, which translates into a durable product that your business can depend on.

A Machine You Can Trust

When you come to DMS with your woodworking needs, a salesperson will talk through your goals from type of wood to end product needs so you will get the machine that is perfectly configured to meet your needs. Oftentimes, Freedom CNCs create such an uptick in production that our woodworkers can justify buying a second, and even a third. 

We understand that the woodworking industry is changing and that is how we are able to craft some of the best CNCs for woodworking. Our frequent updates and innovations ensure that you are getting top of the line technology engineered with the highest quality and value.

The Design Process

Our machines are also used to create small scale aircraft prototypes out of materials such as clay and foam during the design process. DMS routers are also employed to cut, shape and drill plastic, metal, and a variety of composite parts used in the cabin, cockpit, and air frame of the aircraft.

DMS and the Woodworking Industry

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, (OEM) DMS is able to build custom machines for various materials and applications in the woodworking field. Our in-house engineers understand the unique challenges that come with the woodworking industry, and are specially trained to help professionals in this field solve complex problems. 

When it comes to the woodworking field, DMS is a proven expert partner for companies around the globe. Our team of specialists can get a machine in your shop that can produce the results that you’re looking for with your CNC router or machining center. 

If you would like to discuss more on how our USA-based team of experts can build you the perfect CNC router for your woodworking manufacturing needs reach out to us today at 855-266-5064 or email us at info@dmscncrouters.com.

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