DMS has experience configuring custom CNC machines for almost every part a car could need. We help create one of America’s most valued assets to make sure they’re safe, and sure to last. 

Serving the Automotive Industry for 30 Years

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) is an expert in the automotive manufacturing industry. Our DMS engineers are specially trained to understand a wide array of materials, and build custom machines based on their specific requirements. Many DMS CNC routers are custom designed from the ground up for our automotive partners. This ensures they are getting the exact part they need to create specialized parts for cars and other motorized vehicles. The automotive sector requires an expertise in foam, honeycomb and aluminum that our 3 and 5-axis CNCs are specially designed to cut.

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Custom Solutions

When it comes to automotive, one size fits all doesn’t work for car owners, and it certainly won’t work for your CNC machine. Your company is creating innovative solutions for your customers, and your CNC machine should keep up with your unique product specs and requirements. 

There are many factors that will come into play when DMS designs a machine for an automotive manufacturer. We will first look at blueprints of the parts you’re cutting, consider the materials, your factory floor size and how much horsepower you’re going to need. This way we can create a custom solution that will fit both your floor and your manufacuring expectations. 

Machine Options

Due to the complex nature of the automotive industry, our partners’ machine needs vary vastly and that’s why we take each machine build-out on a case-by-case basis. Oftentimes, our automotive partners get a twin table, single moving table or moving gantry depending on their specific part needs. For more custom solutions, we will often create a moving table 5-axis CNC based on part requirements and desired manufacturing output. 

Many automotive clients make molds for car parts as well as parts such as the front and back bumpers. For this application, they can use one of our traditional subtractive machines, or create their own molds using our innovative Hybrid technology.

Varying Materials

DMS 3- and 5-axis CNC routers and machining centers are utilized in automotive manufacturing to cut and shape plastics, metals, honeycomb composite sandwich panels and other materials into diverse parts, including airframe assemblies, cabin interiors, landing assemblies, and other precision machined parts.

There is no product part that is too small, or too large in scale in which we could not create a custom solution to fit your needs. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, (OEM) DMS is able to configure custom machines for any type of automotive part to cut. Our in-house engineers understand the unique challenges that come with the automotive industry, and are specially trained to help professionals in this field solve complex problems.

DMS and the Automotive Industry

With ever-changing technology, DMS understands that the automotive landscape is changing as well. Our constant updates and innovations ensure that you are getting top of the line technology engineered with the highest quality and value.

When it comes to automotive manufacturing, DMS is a proven expert partner for companies around the globe. Our team of specialists will get a machine in your shop that will produce the specific results that you’re looking for with your CNC router or machining center. 

If you would like to discuss more on how our USA-based team of experts can build you the perfect CNC router for your automotive manufacturing needs reach out to us today at 855-266-5064 or email us at

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