Preventative Maintenance Plan

Below are the terms and conditions of the DMS Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan. Pricing and conditions are subject to change. Please contact your DMS Service Representative should you have any questions regarding the Preventative Maintenance Plan or any upgrades your machine may be eligible for.

DMS PM Plans include:

  • Onsite maintenance provided by a DMS Factory-certified Technician
  • Completion and delivery of a 100+ Point Service inspection report
    • Operational check of all CNC components
    • Inspection of drives, motors, belts, pulleys
    • Electronics connection checks to include voltages, amperages
    • Tightness verification for bolts, screws
    • Operating controls and safety controls during each visit
    • Inspection of sensors
    • Inspection of alignment and verifications of all axes (this is not an squaring alignment but a verification to see if an alignment is needed; 5-axis PMP plans do include a head alignment (4th & 5th axes only) on second day) o Inspect lubrication systems, fluid levels
  • General machine maintenance advisories and training
  • Time allowing, any specific training or machine operation, based on customer needs
  • Identification of current or potential issues; once the full PM has been completed the technician can discuss future corrective action recommendations and options
  • 15% discount off any parts ordered while the technician is on-site

General Conditions

  1. Normal working hours are defined as 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday inclusive, excluding holidays
  2. DMS shall be provided reasonable means of access to the equipment being serviced for a PM plan during normal working hours. DMS shall be permitted to start and stop all equipment necessary to perform the herein-agreed services as arranged with your representative
  3. DMS shall not be liable for any loss, delay, injury or damage that may be caused by circumstances beyond its control
  4. In no event shall DMS be liable for business interruption losses or consequential or speculative damages in the performance of its obligation under this agreement
  5. DMS shall not be required to complete safety tests, install new devices or make modifications to any equipment to comply with recommendations or directives of insurance companies, governmental bodies, or for other reasons
  6. DMS shall not be required to make replacements or repairs necessitated by reason of any other cause beyond its control
  7. DMS will make every effort to identify potential problems on the machine. However, it is never possible to identify every component before it fails. Therefore, DMS cannot be held liable for unexpected issues that arise with the machine after the PM inspection
  8. When emergency service is made at your request other than during a scheduled Preventative Maintenance call, we reserve the right to charge you at our prevailing service labor rates
  9. Scheduling of the maintenance visit must be done through DMS Service department no less than one month in advance to make certain a technician will be available.

Special Condition

The following items are not within the scope of this agreement:

  • Removal of any safety equipment or safety features
  • Travel expenses (including but not limited to airfare, accommodations, local transport and travel time charges) of the DMS Technician
  • Alignment to square the backbone; please call for pricing on this or other alignment options

3-Axis and 4-Axis Machines

  • $1850 – Base for first visit (up to 8 hours)
  • $1190 – Cost for each additional visit (up to 4 visits per year; one day of maintenance per visit)

5-Axis Machines

  • $3150 – Base for first visit (up to 16 hours, includes alignment of 4th & 5th axes)
  • $2390 – Cost for each additional visit (up to 4 visits per year; two days of maintenance per visit)

Cost is per machine. Travel costs priced separately.

This agreement presupposes that all equipment covered by this agreement is in satisfactory working condition. Any equipment found in need of repairs upon initial inspections will be reported to the owner with a written estimate stating the cost of repairs prepared within 48 hours.

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