This Custom Router Is about to Leave Our Factory Floor

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Diversified Machine Systems, DMS Custom

Custom CNC machine on DMS shop floor

At Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) we make CNC machines with you in mind. Our lineup of American-made routers is designed to serve a broad range of manufacturing needs, from aerospace to automotive to the defense industry.

But our favorite projects begin when a customer needs a CNC machine that goes beyond the usual lineup. Someone reaches out with a seemingly unsolvable problem, a manufacturing Rubik’s Cube with its own particular complexities and challenges—and that’s when we get to work building a custom machine.

A DMS client recently approached us with some unique manufacturing needs, and we leapt at the chance to try something new, crafting a one-of-a-kind router that was outfitted to their exact specifications. This machine is about to leave our factory floor, but before we send it off we wanted to give an insider’s look at this project. It’s not enough merely to talk about customized machines—we wanted to show one in action.

With this unique CNC machine DMS is leveraging the power of a custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) to better serve this particular customer. In this model we included two interactive screens so that the operator can input more complex commands without having to pivot between multiple programs on a limited screen. This enhanced HMI enables the operator to input commands for one primary and two secondary servo machines—in this case, to finish the edges of a piece of material. Once the CNC measures the material, it has everything it needs for the parametric program to run.

This router represents a low-maintenance, turnkey solution with no additional programming required. It is intuitive to use, reducing overhead and increasing productivity. Like a car that’s ergonomically fashioned to its driver’s personal driving style, this machine’s sole purpose is to meet the exact needs of this one customer.

At DMS we are always looking for ways to solve our partners’ manufacturing needs. We work with innovation and precision, manufacturing machines that are easy to use—all at a price that makes sense.

If you have a manufacturing challenge that calls for a custom machine, we’d love to hear from you! To start a conversation about your unique manufacturing needs, call us at 719-226-5066.

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