Art Manufacturing

No longer relegated to creating by hand, artisans are now employing CNC routers to make their visions a reality through manufacturing and machining. By combining traditional methods with computers and digital imaging software, craftsmen are able to produce free-standing sculptures, 3D signs, movie props and models, as well as large-scale architectural monuments and art installations. DMS machines are proven when it comes to art manufacturing.

Our 3 and 5 axis CNC machines are renowned for their precision, making them ideal for art manufacturing. With over 35 years of combined engineering and CNC experience behind our machines, we have designed them to meet such rigorous standards without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability. By employing this technology, a project or idea that might once have taken months to execute, can now be completed in days or weeks. This time savings gives users an incredible advantage in the marketplace, and it also allows them to experiment and create more.

For example, many film companies are now employing CNC machines to build unique sets and props in-house. The designers can use an inexpensive material like foam to produce a multitude of options quickly and efficiently, saving time and money, and resulting in a better end product. CNC machining has been welcomed into the arts community because it’s given artisans the freedom to experiment on a grand scale, and to continue to push the envelope further. CNC machining centers are becoming more commonplace in art studios, woodworking shops, production companies and galleries every day, because they open the door to so many possibilities.

Through the merging of artistic invention and technology, we can help you transform your ideas into a finished product. If you can dream it, we can help you build it.