Freedom 12


The Freedom 10 Standard CNC Router is an upgrade from the Freedom 4 or 8 in strength and weight and provides a large work area ideal for nested-based machining.

An Automatic tool changer or ATC is used to improve the production and tool carrying capacity of the machine. ATC changes the tool very quickly, reducing the non-productive time.

Vacuum Pumps

Generally speaking, when you want to match the right pump to the table size, you need 5.5 CFM per square foot of surface area for spoil board or nested base tables.

Pop-up Pins

Pop up pins are made of hardened steel and are pneumatically activated to allow for precise and repeatable placement of materials onto your CNC machine.

Spindle * 

Choose from on-site training or in-person training at our Colorado Springs, CO headquarters.

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The Freedom 12 CNC Router an industrial-quality 3-axis 5' x 12' moving gantry CNC router with 12" of Z-axis travel and is capable of maximum rapid feed rates of 1,200 inches per minute.


  • 3-Axis CNC Router
  • Fagor 8070 OL 3-axis industrial controller with 17″ LCD color monitor
  • Moving Gantry Design
  • Rigid Steel Frame
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, USB & Serial Port Connections
  • Fagor Industrial AC Servo Motors & Amplifiers On All Axes
  • Ball Screw Assembly On All Axes
  • 220 Volt 3-Phase Power
  • 5' x 12' 1" aluminum table machined flat with 3/8" steel threaded inserts on 6" centers
  • 5+4 position spindle drill bank, 6,000rpm, 1.7kw, mounted on a fixed plate. Includes extending bridge to accommodate.
  • Automatic tool height sensor
  • 10-position automatic tool change rack.
  • Pneumatic pop-up pins for locating/referencing materials (set of four) are located on the right side of the table.
  • Hiteco PowerTech 300 - 10.5Hp/8kW @ 12,000RPM's (S1), 12.5 hp/9.5kw @12,000 RPM's (S6). 380V HSK 63F Hiteco ATC air cooled spindle with a max speed of 24,000 rpm. Includes dust hood.
  • HSK-63F 10 Piece Tooling Package: Includes: (9) HSK ER32 tool holders, (1) HSK ER40 tool holder, (1) HSK tightening fixture, (1) ER32 spanner wrench, (1) ER40 spanner wrench, (2) ER32 1/4" collets, (2) ER32 3/8" collets, (3)
    ER32 1/2" collets, (2) ER32 3/4" collets, and (1) ER40 1" collet.
  • Dust Collection  –  Hood provided and dust delivery collection on top of Z-axis accepts a 5″ dust collection line from customer’s system
  • Vacuum Pump  –  5 , 10 or 15hp Becker available as an Option
  • Ball Screw Drive  –  Recirculating ball screw assembly on all axes
  • Electro Spindle –  Hiteco 10 hp / 7.5 kW Standard (other hp options available)


  • Rapid Feed Rate  –  Up to 1200 inches per minute
  • X Axis Stroke  –  60”
  • Y Axis Stroke  –  144”
  • Z Axis Stroke –  12” / 305 mm
  • X & Y Axes  –  Laser calibrated
  • 12” Of Z-Axis Travel
  • 5' x 12' 1" aluminum table machined flat with 3/8" steel threaded inserts on 6" centers
  • Power Requirement  –  220V, 3-phase, 60 HZ
  • Lubrication  –  Manual
  • M04 M-Code for counter clockwise spindle rotation


  • Complimentary Technical Support
  • Professional installation & training available
  • Warranty  –  1 Year limited warranty and basic phone support
  • Parts Warranty


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