The DMS 3-Axis Lineup

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Diversified Machine Systems

DMS Teton3 3-axis CNC Router

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) has spent decades building a catalogue of 3-axis CNC machines that we can proudly offer to manufacturers in every industry. It all starts with a solid foundation—a rigid or stress-relieved steel frame, large bridge, and Fagor Controller. Building on that base, our designs branch out to encompass a wide variety of dimensions and capabilities to meet your unique shop floor needs.

If you’re in the market for a 3-axis CNC machine, the DMS Essentials line offers six premier options. Each of the routers in our Essentials Line is made in America and named after one of America’s National Parks.


Our Arches machine features a moving table design with single or multiple spindle options. The twin table configuration option allows pendulum processing between tables so that your machine operators can cut on one station while loading the other. This robust machine is designed for the ultimate rigidity on required strokes up to 12’ long.


This low-rail, small-format, moving-gantry CNC machine features a stationary table design with various customization options. The machine configuration is perfect for medium-duty work and nested-based machining typical for cabinet companies. It is good for cutting hardwoods, Baltic Birch sheets, thin aluminum sheets, solid surface material, and composite panel machining.


The Klondike is one of our newest models, and we consider it the next stage in CNC evolution [link to Klondike blog]. With its twin moving table, this multi-channel, multi-spindle CNC router is the answer to today’s complex manufacturing challenges. You wouldn’t think a machine that can act as two, three, or even four unique routers would also be easy to use—but the Klondike’s intuitive UI is specially designed for experienced and new operators alike. Increased feed rates and accelerations allow this machine to increase thru put and decrease processing times.


This 3-axis gantry CNC machine is one of the most versatile machines on the market—and one of our most popular models. Boasting an all-steel frame that is stress-relieved and welded in-house, this rigid machine is capable of handling anything from aluminum to foam. A Rack & Pinion design on the Y-axis guides this machine quickly and accurately through cuts, and the table can be extended as far as you need. The capability to add an additional gantry allows you to run two individual product runs at once and maximize your efficiency.


The Sequoia is a feature-rich CNC machine that can process a wide variety of applications, ranging from foam to aluminum. This is a heavy-duty, large-format CNC machine with a U-frame gantry, designed for easy loading and unloading of bulky materials. All axes are laser calibrated for ultimate precision. For businesses that need even higher production, we recommend adding a universal fixture table to reduce downtime between part runs and increase productivity.


This CNC machine features an enclosed design, all-steel frame, and a protected drive gantry system. With a rapid feed rate that can reach 1400 inches-per-minute, this router is a real workhorse. Ideally suited for high-speed wood or foam machining, Zion is commonly used in woodworking, automotive, sign-making, aerospace industries—and more.

These six machines comprise the DMS 3-Axis Essentials line, but don’t let your imagination be limited by what we list here. Our capable team of engineers is ready to customize these routers to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We offer a wide range of additional features, from automatic lubrication and custom axes configuration to alternate vacuum pumps or table sizes.

Contact us today with your production goals, and we will match you with the right machine to fit your floorspace and exceed your goals.

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