This 3-Axis Moving Table CNC machine features a moving table design with moving single or twin tables and single or multiple spindle options. The twin table machine configuration allows pendulum processing between the tables thereby providing the ability to cut on one station while loading in the other. Or conversly, the table can be linked to provide one large work surface. 

This robust machine is designed for the ultimate rigidity on required strokes up to 12′ long.


Common Materials

Wood – Composites – Aluminum – Plastics & Acrylics – Foam – Solid Surface materials

Common Industries

Defense – Military – Aerospace – Automotive – Mold & Pattern Making

Average Build Time

10-12 weeks


Base Features

  • 3-Axis Moving Table CNC Router
  • Fagor 8065/8070 Controller
  • Rigid Steel Frame
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, USB & Serial Port Connections
  • Drives & Motors: Fagor AC digital drives with closed-loop brushless AC servo motors with
    absolute encoders on all linear axes
  • Dust Collection  –  Hood provided and dust delivery collection on top of Z-axis accepts a 5″ dust collection line from customer’s system
  • Ball Screw Drive  –  Recirculating ball screw assembly on all axes
  • Hiteco Electro Spindle – 16hp / 12 kW Standard
  • 460-480 volts standard 3 phase power (other voltage options available)
  • All Axes Laser Calibrated


  • Rapid Feed Rate  –  Up to 1200 inches per minute
  • X Axis Stroke – 120” / 3048 mm
  • Y Axis Stroke – 60” / 1524 mm
  • Z Axis Stroke – 18” / 457 mm
  • Lubrication  –  Manual
  • M04 M-Code for counter clockwise spindle rotation
  • Compressed Air Requirements: 10 CFM at 95 PSI


  • Custom stroke sizes available
  • Lubrication  –  Automatic
  • Multiple Vacuum Pump Options Available
  • Hiteco Electro Spindle (multiple hp and voltage options available)
  • Custom axes configuration options available
  • Table Options: 4’x8′, 5’x5, 5’x8′,6’x6′, 5’x10′


  • Complimentary Technical Support
  • Professional installation & training available
  • Warranty  –  1 Year limited warranty and basic phone support
  • Parts Warranty
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