Scaling Up Your CNC Side Hustle

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Diversified Machine Systems, Freedom

Patriot 8 3-Axis CNC router

Q: What do Microsoft and The Ramones have in common?

A: They both started in a garage.

There’s something special about a side hustle, a labor of love that starts small and grows into something you can share with friends far and wide. If you’re a maker, you know what we’re talking about. Maybe you’ve been working out of your garage, or an unfinished basement, or your apartment parking lot. Wherever you set up your CNC router, we at Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) believe you’re doing great work—and we’d love to help you take it to the next level.

Take a moment to imagine your passion project in five years. Where would you like to be? A good machine not only lets you meet today’s demands but anticipates where you’re going. And those goals call for a CNC machine that is productive, capable, and reliable.


If you are looking to increase your productivity in the coming years, you need a machine that is robust enough to handle that level of growth. Most tabletop CNC machines are not built to be run continuously. While a small router can be slow and prone to inaccuracies, DMS CNC machines are designed for high speeds without sacrificing tolerances. And when it comes to cleanup, we offer enclosed machines that capture and contain dust to reduce the time you spend tidying up.

Our machines also come with a user-friendly interface. We build screens and create programs that require as few button-presses as possible. This makes it possible for one person to run two tables simultaneously or even two different machines if necessary. Automation is easy, cutting down on labor and freeing you up to do what you’re best at—creating a great product. Especially in these times, when labor can be difficult to find, we aim to provide you with tech that cuts down on programming needs and increases your productivity.


As you continue to scale your business, you want a machine that will scale with you. DMS gives you a variety of options to meet your exact specifications for the trail you’re blazing. We offer more traditional CNC machines, as well as twin table and multi-cell options if you need more than one work station. Our routers are equipped with heavy-duty spindles that have high capability and can withstand the wear-and-tear of consistent use.

When it comes to capability, it’s okay to think outside the box. In addition to our premier machine lines, we offer custom machines that are tailored to your exact specifications. We’ve built nonstandard machines that utilize HMI screens so that the operator doesn’t have to be concerned with G codes, M codes, or excess programming. We’ve even made machines without tables. And we support each custom build with a custom screen interface that makes it easy and intuitive to use.


When you start looking to scale up your side hustle, you’ll find no shortage of name brand options vying for your investment. While many of these options offer the basic functions you need, their routers are often sourced from other countries and pieced together from unreliable parts. When they break down, it’s rare to find the support you need.

At DMS, we strive to provide the highest quality and quality customer service. Our machines are American-made and sourced here at home, and our team of experts is available to address whatever questions or concerns might arise as you troubleshoot. You deserve a CNC machine you can rely on.

As you look to the future of your side hustle, we hope you envision working with a CNC machine that is more productive, capable, and reliable than ever. Whatever your side hustle is, whether you’re making custom board games or artisanal dining chairs, we at DMS are here for it.

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