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by | Oct 20, 2020 | Diversified Machine Systems, DMS Custom

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of making a purchase, only to realize that you needed something completely different. It could be a small hassle, like bringing home the wrong ingredient for a meal. Or it could be a much bigger headache: buying an expensive tool you can’t use—and can’t return.

That’s why Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) is such a big believer in customization. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach leaves room for painful mistakes, especially when it comes to CNC machines. We help you avoid the headache of a machine that isn’t quite right for the job by customizing our machines to fit your exact needs.

We begin with a conversation. Before we make any recommendations, we spend time discussing your goals with you and deciphering the challenges you face in achieving them. By asking targeted questions, we gradually home in on the specific manufacturing problems you aim to solve. What size parts are you cutting? What is your timeline on this project? What materials are you using? What quality are you hoping for? Questions like these help determine the kind of machine you will need.

Once we clarify your goals, we configure a machine to meet your unique needs. We have experts on hand to walk you through the many options we offer. We can help you determine whether your job calls for one of the DMS Essentials, a custom build, or a hybrid. No matter the task at hand, we’re confident that we have the machine you need.

From our years of experience working with a wide range of companies, we offer some baseline recommendations for every industry:


Aerospace industries tend to work in heavier metals that require heavy-duty machinery. DMS has outfitted countless machines for aerospace, and we’ve observed the benefits of three-axis machines with a moving bridge and overhead gantry. We also recommend side walls to keep in debris.


For orthotics and other medical industries, we recommend our Freedom line in the 4×4 or 4×8 sizes. Our Freedom line offers a universal platform with the rigidity and repeatability required to process many materials.


Working with plastics often requires smaller pieces, so we recommend an FMT or a D3. The D3 is a three-axis CNC machine with a proven track record. It features a stationary table design with various customization options.


As more and more people tackle home projects during COVID-19, we’ve seen an uptick in demand for CNC machines that can be used for wood-cutting, cabinetry, engraving, and other building projects. Our Freedom line is also a great fit for projects like these.

And Beyond…

These are only four of the manufacturing industries that commonly use CNC machines, but DMS serves more industries than we can list here. For sectors as diverse as military and energy, marine and automotive, (link to industry specific pages) we provide machines that are custom-built to meet a wide range of goals.

After making decisions on fundamental functions, we consider what complementary features may be necessary. What software will this machine need? Will it need a U-frame to support the cutting of dense materials? Does it need a twin table to facilitate the machine’s simultaneous running and loading? Because we’ve discussed your needs in detail, we are able to respond to questions like these with confidence.

As you consider the safety of your team, you will also want to account for important safety measures. For safety and ease of use on the manufacturing floor, we recommend allowing for five feet of clearance on all sides of your machine. We may also recommend an enclosed machine for an even safer environment. Safety bumpers and other safety measures can be an important part of your purchase.

We invite you to contact one of our experts to determine what CNC machine is right for you. We also invite you to do some digging for yourself. A conversation isn’t a contract, so if your research leads you in another direction, you are always free to follow a different path. Regardless, Diversified Machine Systems is committed to making sure you get exactly what you need.

If you would like to discuss how DMS can configure a custom CNC machine to meet your needs, contact us at info@dmscncrouters.com.

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