CNC Routers Are Changing the Cabinet Industry

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Diversified Machine Systems, Freedom

DMS Freedon 3-asmis machine routing cabinet doors

The cabinet industry is at its best when it provides a platform for skilled craftspeople to put their genius to work. And the best CNC routers maintain that artistic integrity, while increasing output and ROI.

At Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), we’ve seen the cabinet industry change as more and more makers get their hands on a CNC router. Mom-and-pop shops become full-fledged enterprises. Custom-built cabinets find their home in more kitchens. The realm of possibility widens.

If you are considering expanding your cabinetry business with a CNC router, here are some things you can expect.

Expert Woodworking, at Scale

How do you scale-up your woodworking production—without sacrificing quality and care? A CNC router allows you to deliver custom designs at a higher output, without turning your business into an assembly line. Once your design is programmed, it can be reproduced a thousand times over with the same attention to detail your products are known for. But unlike a giant corporation with impersonal factory floors, CNC operators can still make changes in real-time and customize to specific customers’ needs.

CNC routers replicate all the best techniques of a skilled woodworker, while reducing human error. Your cabinets can reach more customers—all without sacrificing quality.


CNC machines bring a higher level of versatility and ease to the work of cabinet-making. Rather than halting work to switch between a dozen tools, each with its own limited capability, you can rely on a single router to perform a wide variety of tasks. The right CNC machine can perform the work of a saw, drill, planer, or even vacuum. It can also work with a variety of wood-based materials: softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood, and more.

A router from the DMS Freedom line quickly becomes the favorite tool in a cabinet-maker’s shop. These are versatile, durable, and elegant machines that are made in America with the same industrial components that are demanded by Fortune 500 companies.

Reduced Cost, Higher Output

The biggest change CNC routers bring to the cabinet industry is reflected in a better return on investment. Because of their precision and repeatability, CNC machines use materials more economically and reduce waste. And because of a router’s speed, your team can complete projects at a fraction of the usual time and exponentially increase output. All of this frees up craftspeople to focus on tasks like assembly and installation. With reduced waste, increased speed, and better use of your team, a CNC router saves costs at every turn.

DMS has a long history serving woodworkers and cabinet-makers. Our in-house engineers understand the unique challenges that come with the cabinet-making industry and are specially trained to help professionals in this field solve complex problems.

For most woodworkers, we recommend our Freedom Line, which offers a universal platform with rigidity and repeatability. Our Freedom 4×4 router brings high quality and durability to a small workspace, ideal for your specialty cabinet business. The Freedom 10 is an upgrade in strength and weight and can finish a cabinet system much faster than conventional means. We also offer custom-built machines for your business’s unique needs.

The cabinet industry is changing, and you can stay ahead of the curve with the right tools. If you would like to discuss how the DMS team can build you the perfect CNC router for your cabinet-making needs, reach out today at 855-266-5064 or email us at

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