Introducing the Redwood3, a pioneering evolution of the renowned Redwood series, now with a 3-axis design tailored for those who demand precision and flexibility in their manufacturing processes. This machine inherits the robust and reliable foundation of the DMS Redwood, yet it’s optimized for a broad spectrum of materials with a focus on efficiency and precision. The Redwood3 offers the perfect balance of high-speed performance and accuracy, enhanced by top-tier professional support and customization options to meet your specific production requirements. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with the Redwood3 our most robust 3-axis platform.


  • Precision Manufacturing: Optimized for accuracy in 3-axis cutting.
  • Material Versatility: Effective on a wide range of materials.
  • Continuous Operation: Built for reliability and endurance.
  • Customization Flexibility: Options to tailor to specific needs.
  • Expert Support & Warranty: Comprehensive service and protection.
Min – Max Axes Strokes * DMS standard configuration: X axis = Bridge axis
5’/20′ 5’/100′ 914 (36″)/1220 (48″) C-Axis optional
Operating Units and Spindles
Max Power (S1 / S6) Max rpm Spindles Range (min-max kW)(S1) Units Range
18kW / 21kW 24000 4.5-18kW Hiteco MT200, MT201, PT300, PT400, PT500
Transmission type Feedback encoders Motor Encoders Machine Envelope (Table Size) HMI + NCs
Rack & Pinion Scales available as option All Absolute Bridge Length: 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 15′
Depth: multiples of 5′ up to 100′, 12′, 22′
Fagor 8065
Dynamic Performances Max Accuracy Toolchanger
Avg Speed (average 3 axis)  Avg  Acceleration Standard Option(s)
inch/min inch/sec2 type max tot
2000 70 .002″-.005″ Rack-Carousel-Manual 10

Common Materials

Wood – Composites – Aluminum – Plastics – Foam

Common Industries

Woodworking – Automotive – Plastics & Acrylics – Sign Making – Aerospace – Medical – Marine – Energy – Manufacturing – Construction


    • Complimentary Technical Support
    • Professional installation & training available
    • Warranty  –  1 Year limited warranty and basic phone support
    • Parts Warranty
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