Your Small Manufacturing Company Matters—More than You Realize

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Diversified Machine Systems, DMS Essentials

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You can find the words “Support Small Business” printed on yard signs and posted in shopfront windows, but for Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) these words are so much more than a neat catchphrase. We know that small manufacturing companies are the backbone of the American economy—and we work hard to support you with high-quality, custom-built CNC machines. We do this because your small business matters—perhaps even more than you realize.

Giant companies with big-name CEOs may get the most press, but our eye is on the working people in local businesses scattered across the country. According to recent data, roughly 98 percent of American manufacturing companies are small businesses, most of which have fewer than 20 employees. These small businesses are essential to our nation’s greatest endeavors, supporting large-scale innovations, a stable economy, and stronger communities.

Large-Scale Innovations

As Hillary Predko writes for The Prepared, small manufacturing companies help create “an ecosystem of people who can do very high tolerance work, and procure materials that are hard to source—capacities that would be out of reach for a standard machine shop… Supporting and fostering the micro-businesses that make up the manufacturing base enables innovation all the way up the chain.” It’s fascinating to consider the far-reaching impact our humble CNC machines have in the world. In aerospace, automotive, marine, 3D sculpture, concept models, formed plastics, woodworking, and more—people like you are creating new things with DMS routers.

A Stable Economy

Small businesses enable forward-thinking innovations on the grandest scale, but they also create a baseline stability for the US economy. According to The Brookings Institution, American manufacturing “represents 12 percent of the nation’s output and 18 percent of the world’s capacity.” This brings in roughly $1.8 trillion annually—a significant investment in our national economy. As Predko argues,

Investing in manufacturing is investing in a stable future, replete with all of the material things that keep us living. From basic commodities to emerging technologies, making more things makes our communities stronger.

Stronger Communities

Ultimately, it is our communities that benefit from small manufacturing. While it is common to hear complaints that machines are taking people’s jobs, we have seen just the opposite. Our CNC machines create jobs that wouldn’t be possible without them, just as your small business creates jobs for your team of manufacturers. Predko cites an impressive figure from NYC’s Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council, stating that “each job in manufacturing creates at least 5-7 other jobs.” This is a much higher number than is found in other sectors, such as retail or transportation.

We at DMS are a small American manufacturing company, and most of our work is for other small American manufacturing companies. We believe that our small businesses are essential, 

because what we do leads to large-scale innovations, a stable economy, and stronger communities. Put simply: our work matters.

Diversified Machine Systems is the only CNC machine manufacturer that provides custom, OEM, value-engineered, American-made, solutions for manufacturers who want a fast and effective solution to your unique problem. We each play a vital role in our nation’s manufacturing ecosystem, and DMS is committed to investing our best work so that local manufacturers can thrive—from our small business to yours.

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