Why the Automotive Industry Relies on CNC Machines

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Diversified Machine Systems

If you ever drive around town with a kid in the passenger seat, chances are you’ll quickly be reminded how unique each vehicle you pass is. That reminder can come with a punch to the shoulder (“Slug bug blue!”) or a gasp (“Check out that lambo!”). We may take our vehicles for granted, but kids remind us that the automotive world is a wonder.

That wonder wouldn’t be possible without CNC machines. As important as gasoline or pavement, routers have become an indispensable part of the automotive industry.

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) has been working with leaders in the automotive industry for over 30 years. In that time we’ve continually honed our expertise in materials like foam, honeycomb, and aluminum, as we’ve designed machines from the ground up for our automotive partners. These are robust machines that have the capacity for increased volume, precision, and versatility—especially when they are customized to a manufacturer’s exact needs.


Every year, vehicles are designed with more intricacy and complexity—two qualities that would typically slow manufacturing, if not for CNC machines. As DesignNews notes, “The contemporary design elements and intricacies in the engine’s components, like lubrication, induction and cooling systems, crank train, valve train, etc., necessitate a precise and efficient manufacturing process.”

It’s the efficiency of a CNC machine that enables it to maintain the necessary volume of output. Relying on machine programming that works largely independently of machine operators, CNC machines can increase output without increasing labor costs. For high-volume companies, CNC machines facilitate faster production times to ensure that supply always meets the demand.


A good CNC machine can turn out high quantities of a product with accuracy and precision. With recent technological advancements, CNC routers can even report back to the machine operator, making it possible to catch errors more quickly and make on-the-fly adjustments. DMS has started incorporating an advanced vision system into its machines, utilizing a self-calibrating optic system to fine-tune the most minute operations.

This level of precision is a huge gain for the automotive industry. Even when manufacturing complex parts that require tight tolerances—gear boxes, for example—a good CNC machine can avoid malfunction or premature wear by cutting with higher precision than traditional methods. With over 285 million vehicles currently on the road in America, that level of precision matters more than ever.


One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for car owners, and it certainly won’t work for a CNC machine. Automotive parts have complex geometries that pose unique challenges for manufacturers, so versatility is a must. This is where the many dimensions of a 5-axis machine come in clutch. And when you incorporate additive technologies into your machining processes, a router’s capability is expanded.

The CNC routers that DMS has manufactured for automotive industries are utilized to cut and shape plastics, metals, honeycomb composite sandwich panels, and other materials into diverse parts. These are put to a wide variety of uses: airframe assemblies, cabin interiors, landing assemblies, and other precision-machined parts. There is no part that is too small, too large, or too unique that we could not create a custom solution to fit your needs.


For companies that are pioneering new vehicle designs, CNC machines can be customized to meet their exact needs. A CNC router’s programming makes it feasible for manufacturers to prototype quickly and iterate with lest cost and less waste. Moving from an idea to proof-of-concept has never been so easy.

DMS has years of experience configuring custom CNC machines for almost every part a car could need. We are doing our part to create one of America’s most valued assets with enhanced volume, precision, and versatility—ensuring that our vehicles are safe and sure to last.

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