When is the last time you inspected your toolholders?

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Diversified Machine Systems

Do you have problems with tools slipping? Please read the attached informative article on Toolholder Care and Maintenance to extend the useful life of your tools and collets. If you need to replace your old, worn out, sprung and unbalanced collets call Diversified Machine Systems today for special pricing. (Excerpted from the PDF below.) To ensure proper performance of your toolholders, overall cleanliness of toolholder, collet pocket, collet, and nut must be maintained. It’s important to remember that all these components are manufactured to perform within tolerances of ten-thousanths (.0001”) of an inch. Any dirt, dust, oil, chips, or other contaminant left on the spindle, taper, flange, collet, collet pocket, or nut can cause poor T.I.R. (runout) leading to premature wear of cutting tool, toolholder, and spindle mouth. We recommend a regular preventive maintenance program be implemented in your shop to protect your investment in cutting tools, toolholders, and collets, and reduce scrap. Free PDF Dowbload here: tool-holder-care-maintenance-guide

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