Three Ways to Invest in Your Manufacturing Team

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Diversified Machine Systems

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As an owner or manager of a manufacturing company, you know that your team is just as important as any facet of your business. An excellent CNC machine operator is the result of years of investment—and worth keeping around for the long haul.

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) believes that the team you build is as important as any product you manufacture. Toward that end, here are three ways you can invest in your staff.

Reward Experienced CNC Operators

The manufacturing market is competitive, and expert CNC operators are hard to come by. You can make sure your best employees stick around by rewarding their work. Of course, a pay raise or promotion are straightforward ways to show appreciation—but they’re not the only methods of reward. You can also offer recognition and esteem.

A healthy work culture offers as much praise as critique. Positive feedback lets your employees know that their expertise is recognized and appreciated, and it gives newer employees an ethic to emulate. Your best workers can raise the water level of your entire operation by training other team members and maintaining a high standard of excellence. It can be a real game-changer for your business.

Keep Operators Safe

The best way to invest in your manufacturing team is to keep them safe. It’s up to you to provide sufficient safety items for each member of your team. Eyewear is essential to protect your team from flying debris and filings, and ear protection will ward off tinnitus. Depending on the scale of your operation, you may also want to go the extra mile by providing face shields, gloves, hard hats, or steel-toe boots.

More than anything, you can keep your team safe by staying attentive to their energy levels. No matter how tempting it may be to request an extra hour at the end of a long day, it’s important to note that “overexertion accounts for about 24% of annual injuries to manufacturing workers.” When your team is exhausted and losing focus, it’s time to take a break—or even call it quits for the day. Sending a sick or exhausted employee home may cost a few hours of production, but it will not cost nearly as much as months of recovery from an injury.

Provide Next-Level CNC Training

Top-of-the-line machines are worthless if your team doesn’t have top-of-the-line training. When you provide resources for your team to ascend to the next level of excellence, you are investing in the future of your business. In the short-term, your productivity increases as a result of machine operators who perform their roles with greater skill. In the long-term, you improve staff retention, as an ongoing commitment to training lets your employees know they are valued.

We at DMS have found that the right training opportunity can bring your team from good to great. That’s why we employ technicians with unrivaled CNC machining expertise, who work with our customers to ensure satisfaction. We offer a broad range of supports to owners of DMS machines, including telephone support, on-site training, post-training support, and training workshops hosted at our facility.

If you’re interested in investing in your team with specialized training on a DMS machine, feel free to contact us! We would love to talk with you about opportunities to bring your shop floor to the next level.

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