Five Key Differences Between 3D Printing and CNC Machining

3D-printing is making the news. Whether it be 3D-printed firearms or the story of a breathing impaired 3-month-old child who was saved by a biodegradable splint made in under 24 hours, 3D printing has become a hot topic. One of the biggest reasons for the publicity...

Our Hybrid Process Just Saved Us Time and Money

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) has a long history of making top-notch routers, but hybrid machines are one of our newer obsessions. For the past three years, we’ve explored the benefits that result when you merge different machining processes. Our hybrid...

The Bold Frontier of Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid technology is the bold frontier of manufacturing. However, like most new endeavors, it involves some challenges. Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) has discovered this firsthand, as we’ve incorporated hybrid processes into our manufacturing. Our hybrid...
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