Sawyer Composites

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Diversified Machine Systems

Sawyer Composites – DMS 5O7-12-5-48S – DMS 5 Axis Enclosed Overhead Gantry CNC Machine Center

Sawyer Composite, based in Fort Worth, Texas, provides turnkey solutions in the design, manufacture and qualification of advanced composite tooling and structures. They also produce production-rate tooling to customer specifications in support of production programs for aircraft systems, satellite systems, medical technologies, and other specialty applications. At Sawyer they specialize in the design and manufacture of composite lay-up tooling. The molds used for forming composites can be made from virtually any material. But tooling costs and complexity increase as the part performance requirements, surface quality requirements and/or the number of parts to be produced increase. In order to address these issues and increase the overall durability of the tooling, Sawyer employs their new DMS 5 axis, overhead gantry CNC router to machine the composite tooling to a high tolerance. In addition to addressing their specific composite tooling requirements, the management team at Sawyer wanted to expand their processing capabilities and increase revenue. By investing in a state-of-the-art CNC machining center, they’re anticipating an increased production capacity of 8%. Also, they now have the ability to machine larger and more complex components, which has opened up new doors for them and allowed them to pursue new business opportunities. The other benefit of this machine is that it’s an enclosed unit, which is excellent for dust containment on the shop floor. The staff at Sawyer Composite is experienced with CAD modeling, tool design, multi-axis machining and process planning, so this new capital equipment purchase fit right into their business model. In order to keep up with their customer’s delivery schedules, and the overall demand, Sawyer Composite knew a high-end machine solution was in order. By working closely with the engineers at DMS, they were able to achieve just that; a custom unit, geared specifically to their manufacturing needs and objectives. 

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