Manufacturers Must Continue to Adapt to COVID-19

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Diversified Machine Systems

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In the initial months after the outbreak of COVID-19, companies around the world rushed to respond. Most of the solutions were short-term fixes for a crisis that no one anticipated. But as we continue to look ahead to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, we are in need of solutions that position us for long-term success—especially in manufacturing.

Changes to the Industry

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) has successfully implemented many changes in response to COVID-19, and we are pioneering new strategies for the future. We continue to move forward in the face of many challenges.

Manufacturing has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. Most manufacturing cannot be done remotely, which means that site closures routinely bring a halt to all production. According to a spring survey from the National Association of Manufacturers , 78% of manufacturers expected to see a financial impact from COVID. In addition, 53% expected a change in operations. These predictions have largely proven true, as the virus continues to affect finances and operations to this day.

The manufacturing sector employs roughly 13 million people. It is essential that we work together and learn from each other to ensure a hopeful tomorrow. Like many manufacturers around the world, DMS was impacted when COVID hit. We’re in the thick of it alongside you—and we’re eager to pass along what we’ve learned.

Health Comes First

Of course, the first priority is always to ensure the health of our workers and customers. At DMS, we’ve enacted immediate and sweeping changes for people’s safety. We disbursed our workforce into two shifts and reconfigured the factory floor to create more space between people. We have also made masks mandatory at all times and implemented sanitization procedures. Although some of these changes have been challenging for our staff, we trust that these decisions benefit and protect everyone.

Changes To The CNC Industry

Makers of CNC machines have faced unique challenges during this time. The aerospace industry has slowed dramatically, which has directly impacted many manufacturers of CNC machines. For DMS, aerospace has traditionally been our largest customer base, so we experienced a sales shift this year.

Innovating and Diversifying

Manufacturers must diversify their customer base to remain versatile, pivoting to focus their production to accommodate new demands. At DMS, for instance, we have started to sell more of our Freedom Line, which is currently in higher demand. This universal platform is exactly what many customers are seeking during these uncertain times. As we shift our focus to prioritize a different customer base, we have seen our sales steadily improve in recent months.

To prepare for the long-term, manufacturers must analyze the entirety of their supply chains and make changes to become less dependent on weaker links. This is a good time to line up alternate suppliers to make supply chains more resilient. Although a robust, international supply chain has been beneficial in the past, crises like these emphasize the value of staying closer to home. Regional suppliers are more valuable than ever.

The full effects of COVID-19 are yet to be realized, but we can be certain that they are far-reaching. Manufacturers must be forward-thinking and resilient if they hope to succeed. By being adaptable and anticipating customers’ needs, manufacturers can weather the storm and come out on top.

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