Introducing A Great New DMS Machine

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Diversified Machine Systems, DMS Custom

Blue Ribbon Cutting

Let’s face it, most CNC machines come with some annoying limitations. You have a dozen tasks lined up, but your machine only has one spindle. You want to setup your next job instead of idly watching a machine carry out a command, but your one table is already in use.

At Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), we believe that using a CNC machine should be effective and enjoyable. So when we notice that the user experience could be improved, we go back to the drawing board and dream up a solution. We are always striving to pioneer new paths in machining.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a great new DMS machine—the Arches Dual Head. With twin tables and dual spindles, this is a CNC router that gets the job done faster than ever, without sacrificing quality.

Two Spindles Are Better Than One

It all begins with the dual spindles. You can synchronize the two spindles to work as a single head, or you can make them work in tandem on separate tasks—all at the command of a simple M code. With twin tool changers, the machine can also change tools simultaneously. With the Arches’ twin heads, you’ll cut your production time in half.

On top of that, the Arches includes a moving table design with single or twin tables. With twin dynamic tables, you can double your workspace and make your workflow more intuitive. The twin table configuration allows pendulum processing between the tables and gives you the capacity to cut at one station while loading the other.

The Basics

The Arches Dual Head is a three-axis moving table CNC router. All models include a rigid steel frame, 18 inches of Z axis stroke, Fagor servo drives, a Fagor CNC system, and much more. They have a rapid feed rate of up to 1,400 inches per minute. Beyond that, we are happy to customize to meet your needs. Choose between single or twin tables, various Hiteco spindle motors, Becker vacuum pump options, and other features.

We’ve seen multi-head models from other companies before, and we’re sorry to report that they can be complicated to use. As we designed the Arches Dual Head, we worked hard to improve on other companies’ models and make our machine as easy to use as possible. The Arches Dual Head has programmable spacing, letting you space the Z and W axes according to your needs. The interface is surprisingly user-friendly.

Fagor Controllers

In an industry that rarely offers support for control or feedback systems, many machine operators are forced to solve problems on their own. DMS knows the value in having an expert on hand. We are proud to work closely with Fagor, keeping a Fagor technician in-house to offer engineering expertise. We’ve found that Fagor listens closely to what our customers need, and then they pull out all the stops to make it a reality. This gives us the freedom to design exactly what our customers are looking for.

If you’d like to learn more about the Arches Dual Head and other great DMS machines, we invite you to watch our webinar or talk directly with one of our representatives at 866-266-5064 or As you can tell, we’re really excited about this announcement, and once you find out what this machine can do for you, we know you’ll feel the same.

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