Fagor’s New Automation System Is Its Most Powerful Yet

by | Mar 12, 2023 | Diversified Machine Systems, DMS Custom, DMS Essentials

At Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), we know that the quality of our machines depends on the quality of each unique part. That’s why our routers feature stress-relieved steel frames and American-made parts. It’s why we use Hiteco spindles and why we source our raw materials from companies with the highest integrity.

It’s also why we have a longstanding partnership with Fagor Automation.

Fagor has been a benchmark in the CNC industry for 40 years, and their automaton systems are a dynamic part of what makes DMS machines the top of their class. So when we heard that Fagor was releasing a new and improved version of their CNC systems, we couldn’t wait to see what they cooked up.

They did not disappoint. QUERCUS isn’t your typical tech company update, like a new version of the iPhone where almost everything is the same except the price. Fagor did a complete redesign on its servo drives and power supplies, with revamped power and control circuits. They took everything down to the nuts and bolts and rebuilt from the ground up, keeping the best and revamping the rest. QUERCUS is their most powerful, compact, and smart automation system yet.


The most noteworthy thing about QUERCUS is how powerful it is. Building on decades of experience in the machine tool sector, Fagor harnessed technological advancements to completely transform your CNC automation experience. QUERCUS includes CPUs with a higher processing speed and more memory capacity.

And the new Sercos III Servo Bus is Fagor’s best yet. This easy-to-use servo has been upgraded from optical fiber cabling systems to Industrial STP Ethernet cables that let you achieve speeds of up to 100 MBd. This means that your CNC machine can receive and manage more information sent by the servo and spindle axes and centralize the information management. As a result, the system’s configuration is even more automated than previous versions.


By using state-of-the-art electronic components, Fagor saved substantial space on QUERCUS. They’ve packed more power into smaller modules, with a 45% size reduction on Integrated CNCs and 60% reduction on modular CNCs. They also created a unique servo drive module that is capable of controlling two axes, which saves additional space. Since CNC machines tend to have such a large footprint, economy of space like this is a big value-add.


From command all the way to feedback, QUERCUS is a fully digital system. All the involved modules communicate via digital protocols, resulting in huge improvements in the control data flow.

Plus, the technology allows a single web design to display everything correctly on any portable device. The revitalized HMIelite multiplatform has a modern, simplified look and allows for the screen format and aesthetics to be modified by the user. Screens are intuitive and customizable, which makes your job that much easier.

DMS machines are meant to last for decades, so it’s essential that our automation systems can keep pace as well. QUERCUS incorporates all of the market’s current requirements, while also paving the way for the integration of future enhancements. You can download remote version updates to the servo, including new feature enhancements for connected modules. Fagor also grants access to future developments in their technology, ensuring that you are always ahead of the curve.

QUERCUS is the CNC automation system that helps you grow vertically and prepares you for the most demanding requirements of current and future markets. We at DMS are such big fans of this new system that we already installed it on our newest CNC machines. Our new Klondike series comes with the Fagor 8065 Power HMI Elite, and we expect to utilized QUERCUS for years to come.

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