Fagor 8055 CNC Control Upgrades

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Diversified Machine Systems

Fagor CNC Controller

Fagor Automation, strategic partner of DMS, announces technology upgrades to the Fagor 8055 control system

Fagor Automation, an international strategic partner of Diversified Machine Systems, announces new upgrades to the Fagor 8055 control system. DMS customers who have the existing Fagor 8055 Plus System can now improve their CNC performance and ROI by upgrading to the new Fagor 8055 Power CPU System. These upgrades improve overall performance and finish quality while reducing the required cycle time in most applications.

The new Fagor 8055 Power CPU System increases block processing speed and offers advanced block look-ahead functions that are superior to those on the older system.

One of the upgraded features is the Advanced Jerk Control Mode. This function creates a smooth and gradual acceleration, as opposed to sudden speed changes, which leads to less machine stress and mechanical vibrations.

With the latest in advanced tuning algorithms, customers can boost machining productivity considerably and achieve better part finish and faster cycle times. The enhanced user interface incorporates a new ergonomic screen layout and color design that uses softer pastel colors which help reduce visual fatigue and improve operator concentration.

Fagor Automation is a worldwide manufacturer of CNC systems, servo motors and drives, feedback systems, DRO systems, and motion control systems. Find out more about the 8055 controller at the Fagor website.

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