DMS Partner, Fagor Automation, Rolls Out CNC Automation Advancements

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Diversified Machine Systems


Fagor Automation, strategic partner of Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of DMS CNC Routers, announces CNC technology advancements such as the new 8060 CNC System and Exposed Linear Encoders. Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) November 20, 2014 – An international strategic partner of 3 Axis CNC & 5 Axis CNC Router manufacturer and designer, Diversified Machine Systems, Fagor Automation announces their new CNC systems and automation innovations that were recently made available for advanced CNC machining. Fagor Automation has expanded their manufacturing to include Digital Servos and Motors, including Spindle Systems and Linear and Rotary Encoder products, adding to their existing list of CNC Controls. This comprehensive solution allows Fagor to engineer collaboration between the advanced algorithms in the CNC Control, the Digital Servo System, PLC and Feedback System for increased speed, efficiency and quality of the part finish. Part of this announcement includes the introduction of the all-new Fagor 8060 CNC System, developed to deliver aerospace industry quality technology to small and mid-sized machines. This CNC Control offers a 10.4” high resolution LCD TFT Color or touch screen, Ethernet, USB and Tele-Diagnosis capability that can control up to 6 axes and 3 separate spindles, with 2 different execution channels. With the Fagor Adaptive Real-Time Feed & Speed Control (ARFS), the CNC evaluates the machining conditions and accommodates the axis feed rate and the spindle speed for the utmost performance productivity. The combination of these components establish a reduction in cycle time, exceptional part finish, extended spindle & servo motor life, and improved tool utilization. The frequency response of the machine is measured by the On-Board Bode diagram tool, which allows filtration of the machine vibrations. With the solution of CAD/CAM generated programs that consist of splines and polynomial transitions and NURB format utilization, the 8060 achieves high feed rate machining while accomplishing the accuracy necessary for all geometries to be machined. The Ethernet communication component allows for quick set-up as another option within the computer network. The Fagor IIP Programming (Interactive Icon-based Pages) allows the operator to choose the operation from an ICON key, simplifying the programming process. Along with a simple and straightforward browsing operation philosophy, custom browsing is also available in which the operator has the ability to filter the information provided and hide other non-essential information. Through the process informer application, the new and advanced Remote Machining Control automatically notifies the operator’s phone or email of any program complications or errors during overnight operations. The updated Fagor 8055 CNC Control used for milling, grinding, turning, or general purpose applications also includes an easy to use Icon Key based conversational programming system as well as a built-in ISO G-code programming system. The brand new Fagor Exposed Linear Encoder models EXA, EXG, and EXT can run at a speed up to 18,000 inches per minute. Designed specifically for applications requiring greater accuracy at extremely high speeds and limited mounting space, they are ideal for printed circuit boards, inspection & metrology machines, high speed linear motors, semi-conductors and the high speed precision machine tool market. Additional feedback products include the GA & SA Absolute Line Encoder lines suitable for all applications requiring high accuracy absolute positioning capability. For maximum accuracy, utilizing a patented Thermal Determined Mounting System (TDMS) exclusively offered with the G&S series scales, contraction and expansion can now be controlled. Additionally, the Fagor LA Absolute Linear Encoders are the longest offered in the world, reaching up to 100 feet in length. Allowing for maximum performance resolutions is the brand new nano-metric resolution precision, promising the highest quality part finish with its positional accuracy guaranteed up to 3 microns per meter. The Fagor High Resolution Angular Rotary Encoders applications currently allow for rotary tables, swivel heads, C-axes of a lathe, metrology, and electrode positioning in EDM machines. Created as an advanced Digital Readout Solution, the Fagor 40i True Vision Digital Readout includes a high-resolution LCD TFT Color screen that administers an incredible level of clarity viewed from any angle. Solid graphics, a built-in calculator, audio feedback, and travel limit alarms are included with every True Vision DRO. Fagor Automation is a worldwide Manufacturer of CNC Systems, Servo Motors & Drives, Feedback Systems, DRO Systems & Motion Control Systems and strategic partner with Diversified Machine Systems. Click to view the original press release on PRWeb of Fagor Automation’s CNC Automation Advancements.

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