DMS Completes Quick Change Fixture System

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Diversified Machine Systems

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) completes industry changing Quick Change fixture system, now available on all DMS CNC routers.

This revolutionary quick change fixture dramatically reduces the time required to swap out fixtures on all DMS 3 Axis & 5 Axis CNC machines. This tool cuts the fixture replacement time from approximately 15 minutes to just 30 seconds. By drastically reducing the time dedicated to fixture changes, production cycles can be notably improved without incurring any additional labor costs.

The design base holds fixtures within .001” of their original location by utilizing an airlock system. Through pins and ball bearings, the quick change fixture is able to hold fixtures firmly in place during the routing process. This allows for a clean cut on a variety of materials. This system is designed to be simple enough for any operator to utilize.

The quick-change fixture system offers many levels of customization based on the client’s needs. The Diversified Machine Systems engineering team works with each company to understand their specific needs in order to develop a customized solution to address their production concerns. The system can accommodate varying sizes and types of fixtures, and they can all be incorporated into the same system for ease of use.

Another added benefit is the reduced physical strain for the machine operators. Employees will no longer be required to constantly rotate heavy fixtures, leading to improved workplace morale and worker productivity.

The quick-change fixture is available exclusively on DMS machine and is produced in the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) located at the DMS world headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. The Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) is a new in-house resource that provides proof of concept and production consulting services, as well fixturing.

CEO Patrick Bollar said, “The quick change fixture is something we have created for our customers. DMS is continuously striving to be a better partner and we are constantly working with our customers to find ways to help them improve their process.”


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