Deciding if a CNC is Worth the Investment

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Diversified Machine Systems

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A CNC machine is a big investment. At Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), we do everything in our power to make sure you get an even bigger return. In fact, we’ve found that most DMS customers see enough return in their first year of ownership to warrant buying a second machine the very next year.

As you consider whether a new CNC machine is right for you, you’ll soon discover that there are a lot of factors to take into account. We’ll be candid with you—a DMS machine isn’t right for everyone. But if you take the time to do a cost-benefit analysis from a variety of angles, you may be surprised by how much you stand to gain. We’d like to walk you through a few considerations as you decide what’s right for you.

A CNC May Change Your Staffing

As always, the most important factor to consider is human cost. How do DMS machines affect your staff?

We build our machines to tackle a variety of tasks that typically leach time and resources from personnel. Tasks that used to require a lot of time are accomplished more efficiently by a good CNC machine, and fewer operators are required. While some might worry that this eliminates jobs for good workers, we’ve seen quite the opposite. DMS machines free up operators to focus on tasks that require their expertise, ensuring a more efficient use of time and resources for the entire team.

Insurance Claims

A CNC machine can also prevent costly accidents. Some of the companies we work with used to file insurance claims routinely, as their workers were cut or injured on the job. When we provided machines that took over some of the riskier tasks, we prevented accidents and cut down on insurance claims.

Skilled Operators and Programmers

Even as a good machine protects its operator, a good operator protects their machine and ensures its longevity. Your machine operators are your most important investment. They become experts, learning from their experience and catching mistakes before they happen. As they become familiar with a machine, skilled operators can pass on their knowledge to more inexperienced personnel. Operators who invest in a DMS machine save you money and make costly fixes less frequent.

Similarly, a good programmer can save you money. Programmers have a special ability to create headaches—or eliminate them. While an unskilled programmer wastes time and resources with imprecise plans and poor communication skills, a skilled programmer eliminates waste and ensures an economical use of materials. (Pro-tip #1: A programmer may want to use cam software such as PowerMill®, MasterCam, or Fusion360 to program or simulate the machine’s running. This is another expense to take into account.)

Regular Maintenance

Even with a good team, you can still expect to practice regular maintenance. Expending a little time and money on the front end will pay off in the long run. To this end, preventative maintenance is a must. By monitoring and cleaning your DMS machine regularly, you can avoid a lot of expensive repairs. DMS is happy to provide both grease and oil lubrication for your maintenance needs. (Pro-tip #2: Your budget will need to account for a vacuum pump, dust collection, and any special tooling that is needed.)

The hardware of our machines is built to last for years and years. We service customers who bought machines from us more than 10 years ago who are still going strong. However, we highly recommend purchasing insurance for your CNC machine, to prepare for the possibility of fires and floods that can cause a lot of damage.

At Diversified Machine Systems, we’re gratified to sell a good product. We observe and learn from our longest-running machines to optimize features on our newest models. We never rest on our laurels or cut corners. We keep innovating. Our hope is that everyone who purchases a DMS machine finds that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

If you’re interested in learning about how the costs and benefits of a DMS machine, please contact our USA-based team of experts at 855-266-5064 or at

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