Machine Spotlight Data2Patterns & Moulds LTD DMS 5 Axis Moving Table CNC Router

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Diversified Machine Systems

Data 2 Pattern and Moulds DMS CNC Machining Center

Recently Data2patterns & Moulds Ltd. purchased their second machining center from Diversified Machine Systems, a DMS 5 Axis Moving Table CNC Router. Data2pattern machines composites and resins for the aerospace industry and needs to turn their projects around quickly, without sacrificing accuracy. Therefore, after researching their options, choosing 3 and 5 axis machining centers from DMS was an easy decision. The management team at Data2patterns & Moulds realized significant growth in business immediately after purchasing their first 5 axis, large capacity DMS machine in 2010, due to their improved operating efficiency. This growth necessitated the hiring of two additional employees, as well as the relocation of the business to a much larger space to meet the increased demand. Due to the need for shorter delivery times and the strict quality control insisted upon by Data2pattern’s management and their customer base, a second 4.0 meter by 1.5 meter CNC machine was ordered from DMS, which will be delivered in April 2013 with production expected to start in May 2013. The company’s investment in the latest CNC machining technology combined with the knowledge and skill of their employees is expected to bring another strong boost to their output and revenues. The reasons Data2pattern cited for purchasing their CNC router machines from DMS included high specification and the cost for capacity. Features that really impressed their management team and CNC operators were the continuous C axis, and the machines’ yield capacity and size. Data2atterns & Moulds Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a supplier of high-quality competitive tooling for the foundry and composite industries and has made continuous investments in high technology to maintain its good standing in a demanding market place. With Data2Pattern’s investment in a new state of the art large capacity Diversified Machine Systems 5 axis machining center specifically designed to the company’s requirements has further enhanced the company’s manufacturing abilities. Their main business focus when it was first formed was making patterns and models for the aerospace, automotive, and plastics industries. The company produced those patterns by using their DMS 5 axis CNC machine, with the customer- supplied 3D data that ensured dimensional accuracy and a fine, consistent finish. Data2Pattern’s has many years of composite tooling experience manufacturing tooling for a diverse range of markets, including automotive, marine, shipbuilding, alternate energy, and aerospace, where accuracy and long working life is essential.

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