Combined Composite Technologies Capital Equipment Purchase is Key to Growth Strategy

by | Feb 22, 2013 | Diversified Machine Systems

Combined Composite Technologies Custom DMS Router

Combined Composite Technologies Limited (CCT) is a one-stop component design, process development, material selection, prototyping and manufacturing company located in Segensworth, United Kingdom. A subsidiary of Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc., CCT recently purchased a custom DMS 5 axis CNC router (modeled after DMS Model 5B7i-4m-2m-1.2mS) as part of its major expansion plan. The company opened a new 44,000 square foot composite design and manufacturing facility in October of 2012, in order to accommodate growing customer demand. With the new site, along the south coast of the United Kingdom, CCT becomes a fully integrated “design and build” composite tooling supplier, offering design, stress analysis, master model production, tooling design and production, material selection and final component production capabilities in one location. An integral part of CCT’s growth strategy was the acquisition of the high-speed processing equipment needed to help meet its objectives. The management team at CCT did extensive research into their CNC router purchase, and ultimately opted for a DMS enclosed, 5-axis moving bridge model, because of the quality of the machine, the custom features available, and the overall flexibility it afforded them. Click to enlarge the images of CCT’s custom components.

According to Andy Elford, Technical Development & Quality Manager at CCT, the new 5-axis cnc router is used to perform a variety of jobs including in-house master model creation, as well as trimming, drilling and planing of composite and aluminum components, including carbon. “We needed to increase our capabilities in order to develop structural composite solutions for mass production in the automotive, aerospace and mass transportation segments”, adds Joseph Bevilaqua, President, Epoxy, Phenolic and Coatings Division of Momentive Specialty Chemicals. With maximum feed rates of 25 meter per minute, the DMS machine is capable of keeping pace with their increasing production demands. It also features a custom enclosure, which was designed to minimize dust and debris on the shop floor. Diversified Machine Systems has carved out a niche amongst CNC router manufacturers as a leader in composites machining. The experienced team of engineers and designers at DMS has produced over 10 custom CNC machining centers in the past year, each built to address the specific concerns of those in the composites industry; such as material splintering, varied work processes, and product inconsistencies. For more information on the full line of DMS’ 5 Axis CNC Routers & Machining Centers, and our growing expertise in composites, please Contact Us.

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