Cessna’s DMS CNC Machines Featured in Aerospace Manufacturing & Design Magazine

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Diversified Machine Systems

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) and Cessna Aircraft Company A Model of Collaboration Article in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine

Amid the holiday hustle-and-bustle, and if not that, the pressure of end-of-year production deadlines, you might not have had time to read the November/December 2013 issue of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine. Our media copies arrived unseasonably late with all the holiday mailings that had the post office especially hopping this year. It felt like opening a forgotten Christmas present. AMD Mag’s Senior Editor, Eric Brothers reached out to us a few months ago with a story he was working on for Cessna Aircraft Company. He wondered if we’d be open to giving insight into their CNC machine specifications that has helped Cessna compete so aggressively on an international level by improving their productivity and performance. We started having regular friendly exchanges to make sure AMD got the info they needed along with Cessna’s approval for the overall article. The result outlines the history of DMS and Cessna – how we were able to accommodate their custom aerospace manufacturing requests (including their 6th DMS CNC router this past fall that included a unique installation process), how we’ve helped them improve their productivity with cutting-edge technology, and how we started this relationship several years ago with Bob Farber from Cessna to develop unique machines that are now being used across the world. The four-page spread from pages 46 – 49 outline the technical specifics in this collaboration that has resulted in DMS machines in Cessna’s Thermoforming / Windows, Sheet Metal, Composites and Propeller Departments. Thank you to Jack Schirra, their Regional Sales Manager for the West that got us our copies.

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