Announcing Fagor Automation’s Simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle on Fagor 8055 Control Systems

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Diversified Machine Systems

Fagor 8055 CNC Control Library of Probing Canned Cycles

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Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) Partner, Fagor Automation Announces a Simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle on Fagor 8055 Control Systems

Colorado Springs-based 3 & 5 Axis CNC router designer & manufacturer, Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) announces partner Fagor Automation’s simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle for Fagor 8055 Control Systems. Diversified Machine Systems, a leading US-based 3 & 5 axis CNC machine center designer and manufacturer in Colorado Springs, CO, is proud to announce the simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle that’s been developed by international cooperative partner, Fagor Automation – a value-added benefit to DMS clients. This solution, designed to reduce Digitizing setup time, allows the operator to setup the CNC machine center in only a matter of a few minutes for digitizing simple or complex parts by utilizing a single fill in the blank page that contains all pertinent parameters for Digitizing as well as a Graphic Assist screen. Definition of the Digitizing Cycle easy-to-use single page screen (as shown in the image below):

  • Red Key – Definition of Main plane
  • Yellow Key – Defines the Digitizing sweep direction
  • X, Y & Z data register – Defines the Digitizing cycle starting position
  • I register – defines the maximum depth probed for contact
  • J register – Defines the X axes total Sweep length
  • K register – Defines the Y axes total Sweep length
  • B Register – Defines the step-over distance between Probes
  • Probing Feedrate Register – Defines the actual Probing feedrate
  • Positioning Feedrate Register – Defines the Positioning feedrate on the Probe retract and step-over
  • Program no. Register – Defines the part-program where all Probed positional data will be stored
Fagor Automation Simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle Single Page Screen
Fagor Automation Simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle Single Page Screen

Upon completion of the Digitizing cycle, the Programmed point-to-point program created can be edited with Feeds, Speeds and Tool commands and executed or downloaded for further manipulation. The Digitizing cycle is available on the Fagor 8055 line of CNC products, which is utilized on many of Diversified Machine Systems’ CNC machine centers. Most Probing systems are easily adaptable to the Fagor 8055. The 8055 CNC Controller was designed to provide the high performance required for performance machine tools like DMS CNC routers, yet maintain an extremely simple programming system when utilized in shop floor programming applications. This was accomplished by adding the well-known ICON key conversational system to the well-established ISO G-code programming system. By allowing the ability to combine both programming systems, customer flexibility on the manufacturing floor itself has been increased dramatically. With Ethernet capability, the customer can easily upload/download large G-code programs from the CAD/CAM department, yet also walk up to the CNC controller and create complex parts directly from the keyboard in a matter of just a few minutes. The Fagor On-board mini-CAD/CAM (Profile Editor) System allows the customer to create complex profiles directly from the blueprint in only a matter of a few minutes. The Profile Editor will not just create the profile, but will also automatically create the appropriate G-code and insert it into the program, or you can save the profile as a frequently-utilized subroutine with just the push of a single button. The Fagor 8055 Power has a powerful easy-to-use, built-in Graphics mode that allows the customer to plot in Solid 3D Graphics, solid sectional graphics in multi-plane views simultaneously or in tool path line graphics. This feature can be utilized in simulation mode or in real-time execution mode. In addition a Teach-In mode is included, as well as an Interactive G-code editor that through a series of graphic interfaces makes G-code creation at the keyboard fast and easy. For custom production environments, the Fagor 8055 Power now allows for OEM or Application specific customization. This is accomplished due to the high-level parametric programming features coupled with an On-board Graphic editor that allows for easy creation of Custom Editors & Screens. This feature has proven to reduce setup, and even cycle time with dedicated machines in high-production environments or specialized application machinery. The new 8055 models also have advanced machining performance by utilizing a new high performance micro-processor coupled with improved machining algorithms, which effectively doubled the processing speeds thus allowing for dramatically faster cycle times and improved part finish. Utilizing both on-board local PLC I/O and CAN I/O modules, input and output requirements can be built to match the application. The remote CAN modules allow for easy remote machine placement of the modules that best serve the machine tool. The CNC Control affords the flexibility of Sercos or CAN Digital Servo Control and even the ability of Analog servo control for older machine servo motor systems.

Fagor 8055 CNC Control Library of Probing Canned Cycles
Fagor 8055 CNC Control Library of Probing Canned Cycles

All 8055 CNC Controls are equipped with a full library of Turning or Milling Canned Cycles and standardly equipped with value-added features such as Spindle Synchronization, Scaling Factor, Pattern Repeat, Mirror Imaging Gantry Axes, high-level language programming, and much more. The CNC 8055 Power was designed to function in perfect harmony with Fagor Digital Servo Motor Systems and Absolute Linear or Rotary Encoder feedback products to ensure that maximum performance in both machine performance and accuracy is achieved on DMS CNC routers and machine centers. Fagor Automation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CNC Control Systems, Servo Motors & Drives, Feedback Systems & DRO Systems that DMS uses as a competitive advantage on their 3 axis and 5 axis CNC routers.

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