Wood and Wood Composite Materials

The quality, precision and reliability of DMS machining centers are well known throughout the woodworking industry. Whether you need a standard 3 axis or 5 axis machine or a custom router solution for your manufacturing challenges, Diversified Machine Systems has the knowledge and experience to help you streamline production and improve your bottom line.

Woodworking with DMS CNC Routers

DMS 3 and 5 axis CNC routers and machining centers have been used with great success in the woodworking industry. These machines can be employed to produce extremely complex parts out of:

  • Natural wood
  • Wood composite materials
  • Plywood
  • Particle board
  • OSB
  • MDF
  • MDO
  • HDO
cnc router cutting wood
dms cnc router cutting wood

Typical products created from these materials include architectural panels, custom furniture, signs and lettering, cabinets, wood moldings, casements, skis, and custom doors, to name a few. Many people mistakenly think that a CNC router can only be used for mass produced pieces. And while our machines are very effective in large-volume applications, they are also ideal for custom applications. In fact, a CNC machine can open up a world of possibilities to users, by allowing them to create elaborate pieces that would be too labor-intensive to produce profitably any other way. Our machines are renowned for precision and accuracy, making them ideally suited for intricate designs and layouts.

The end product may come off our CNC router machine in one piece, or due to size it may have to be done in sections that are later fitted together. Our software takes into account the manner in which the pieces will be fit together, allowing extra gaps for glue, caulk, etc. if required, or precise fitting if no visible bonding is preferred. DMS Machining Centers Optional Features include:


  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Custom Tool Holders for Multiple Tool Applications
  • Optional Integrated Dust Collection System
  • Nested Base Manufacturing Compatible Controllers

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