Rapid Prototyping

 Rapid prototyping is a process in which 3D CAD STL files are transferred to laser mounted CNC machining centers.  The photosensitive liquid resin, or laser sensitive powders contained in reservoirs on the machine, reacts to the CO2 or ultraviolet lasers as the machine head traces the products shape hardening/curing the resin or powder layer by layer, as the table moves incrementally downward.

DMS 3 and 5 axis CNC routers and large format machining centers are used in the rapid prototyping manufacturing process chiefly in the laminate sector. Manufacturers cut shapes from materials that are not compatible with the liquid layering rapid prototyping process, and then join these shapes together by adhesive means. The end result is a “base upward” finished product consisting of much more durable materials. This additive method of rapid prototyping utilizes the greater tolerances and accuracy possible with a CNC machining center , thus eliminating the "stair-steps" common in standard liquid photopolymer resin rapid prototyping.

We have extensive machining experience in the rapid prototyping sector, because our DMS routers can meet the rigorous requirements that these companies demand.