Hybrid Hero



Our Hybrid Hero CNC is designed to be an entry-level machine for customers who are interested in our hybrid manufacturing processes.  The machine has been designed to fit through a standard 74″x 81” double door, and does not require as much floor space to operate as our larger machines.  It is equally suited for process development and research or production runs of small parts. The optional tilt rotate table adds 5-axis deposition and machining capabilities.


Base Features

  • Electrically isolated aluminum table with 3/8” threaded inserts on 6” centers
  • Tool height setter to automatically measure and store tool length in CNC
  • 4 position automatic tool change rack
  • Fully enclosed work area


  • Feedstock: Configured for .047” (1.2mm) diameter commercially available solid wire.
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Deposition Rate: up to 3 lbs/hr
  • Build volume: 24″ x 24″ x 24”
  • Spindle: HSD 12 hp / 9 kW Liquid cooled 24000 RPM
  • Machine Frame: Heavy duty steel fabricated
  • Machine dimensions: 113”W(door open) x 70”D x 112” H
  • Axis Motion: Precision ball screws and linear rail used all axes
  • Servo & Drive System: Fagor closed-loop brushless AC servo motors and servo amplifiers on all axes
  • Controller: Fagor 8065 Q7a

Optional Features

  • Tilt rotate table
    • 15” diameter x15” tall build height
    • Table working surface is cooled
    • Allows complex geometries with 90-degree overhangs
    • Table assembly is mounted on precision linear rails. It can be moved into position in seconds.  When 5 axis capability is not needed, it can be easily positioned outside of the 3 axis build area and the full 3 axis build area is maintained. 
  • Liquid cooled build table
  • Spindle mounted touch probe
  • Welding fume extraction system


  • Software Options Support
  • Complimentary Technical Support
  • Professional installation & training available
  • Warranty  –  1 Year limited warranty and basic phone support
  • Parts Warranty
3 and 5-axis on the same machine
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