Preventative Maintenance Inspection Recommendations

**Perform these checks monthly to ensure that your CNC machine remains in optimal working condition.**

•    Inspect all machine electrical connections and air lines.

•    Check that proper voltage is connected to the machine (leg to leg, and leg to ground).

•    Inspect all cooling fans, AC units and filters, and clean as needed.

•    Check air tank and Z balance pressure regulator; drain any moisture from main regulator.

•    Lubricate internal seals on Z counterbalance cylinder with air tool oil through air inlet.

•    Verify spindle bolts and table, bridge and backbone runner block bolts are tight.

•    Test spring tension and alignment of rack & pinion, if applicable.

•    Verify column and bridge bolts, and lead screws are tight.

•    Check all motor connectors for tightness.

•    Inspect all belts and pulleys for tightness and wear.

•    Check tightness of all screw clamp terminals, pinch clamps and strain reliefs.

•    Verify all lead screws and runners are lubricated.

•    Check fluid levels in auto lube and spindle chiller systems, if applicable.

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