CNC Machine Plastic

Trimming Plastics with DMS CNC Routers

The plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States, and global plastics consumption is on the rise according to recent reports. Lightweight, easy to mold and corrosion resistant, plastics are increasingly used in the automotive, communications, aerospace, medical, electronics, construction goods and packaging industries. Machining plastics can be challenging due to the unique nature of the material. The melting temperature for plastics is much lower than that of metals and composites.

Also, plastic is a far more elastic substance than metal. Therefore, selecting the right equipment for plastics machining is as critical as understanding the material itself. The DMS line of 3 and 5 axis machining centers have a reputation for superior quality and effectiveness among plastics fabricators, who require tight tolerances and accurate repeatability. Our machines are designed to be robust enough to deal with the inconsistencies in material, but also flexible enough to manage these same inconsistencies. At Diversified Machine Systems, we pride ourselves on understanding our customer’s needs, and we appreciate the importance of maximizing production without sacrificing quality. From high-speed trimming of 3-D plastics products to machining of plastic sheets, our multi-purpose CNC routers and machining centers can accommodate a wide range of requirements.

Our newest model, the D5E, is an enclosed, 5 axis, dual shuttle table machine center, with overhead gantry. This innovative machine is equipped with two tables that can be used independently or intandem for increased throughput. DMS Machining Centers Optional Features include:

  • Multi-Zone Vacuum Hold Down
  • Twin Shuttle Table Option for increased production
  • Enclosed and Open Machine Formats