Patrick Bollar, DMS CEO, Featured in the Colorado Springs Business Journal

Patrick Bollar, CEO of Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), was recently published in the Colorado Springs Business Journal. His article about how CNC machine tools inspire creativity is part of a monthly column provided by the Pikes Peak Manufacturers Partnership. Inspiring Creativity Through CNC Machine Tools

With technology accelerating and advancing the way it is today, there is no limit to the level of creativity an individual can achieve. Some will even go as far as to say that one’s creativity is only limited by their own imagination. Well, it just so happens that this idea is true for the use of advanced machine tools in manufacturing. The capability that these machine tools, machining centers, and CNC routers can achieve is immeasurable. Not only is it amazing to be able to see an idea come to life by one of these machines, but the machine tools can inspire creativity in the minds of engineers, designers, and creators because of the limitless capabilities that the machine can accomplish.DMS_Patrick Bollar Headshot_opt

Many customers will approach companies dedicated to manufacturing machine tools with a very specific idea in mind for a product. After spending a bit of time working with the company programmers and designers, it is more common than not for the customers to completely alter their original product idea. Often, the customer does not initially realize the full capability and potential of CNC machinery. Their product itself begins to change shape because now they realize that it is even easier than they could have imagined to make a complex part. What starts out as a simple idea, adapts into a more complex and intricate design as the capability of the machine tool comes into consciousness. The detailed contouring that machine tools and CNC machinery can accomplish is incredible. In fact, a great example of this kind of creativity occurred just a couple weeks ago in our factory. A few students from the engineering department at the University of Colorado at Boulder approached our company in an effort to get some help with their senior design project. After collaborating with a couple members of the company, the students came up with a plan and design for an impressive experimental vehicle, in which we were able to assist them with machining the parts. Because of the versatility of machine tools, the mold material that was used to make the vehicle was cut on one of our 3 axis CNC routers. The engineering student’s senior design project started off with just an idea of what they wanted their end product to be, which was then transformed to life with the use and capability of the CNC router. With the software that exists today for these impressive machine tools, there is no restraint on the goals that an individual can accomplish. This technology does not only transform concepts into life, it inspires the designers and creators to think outside the box and develop new ideas they did not think were possible. While in other aspects of life creativity may be confined and restricted, it is truly limitless with the use of advanced CNC machine tools in manufacturing. For the full article, visit the Colorado Springs Business Journal at

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