Manufacturing Companies often manage large amounts of project data such as CAD/CAM files, NC programs, setup sheets, tool lists, QA documents, and drawings. Not having all of this data securely stored, organized, and made accessible to team members can lead to wasted time, decreased production, and costly mistakes. CIMCO & DMS have partnered to offer you the most comprehensive data management platform on the market. CIMCO MDM lets you manage all of your manufacturing related documents in one location on a central server. MDM has been developed to seamlessly integrate with CAD/CAM systems from many leading vendors and provides file/folder restrictions, user permissions, automation, backup, version control, and more. MDM also integrates with other applications and the machines in your setup.

Integration With CAD/CAM Applications

CIMCO MDM has been developed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with the most well-known CAD/CAM systems on the market. You can preview and open part files directly from MDM. Tool information is automatically exchanged and can be managed using the built-in Tool Manager - and exported to your CAD/CAM application later. Generated NC code is automatically transferred and stored in MDM.


Fast and Easy to Use

MDM features quick-launch buttons for your vital applications and provides a compact overview of all production relevant documents at a glance. The fully customizable search panel delivers instant search results and uses advanced file indexing for more intelligent search results.

Efficient and Automated

Drag and drop files into MDM, and they are automatically stored in the right location and logically renamed based on your preferences. CIMCO MDM automatically generates tool lists, operation lists, and setup sheets in Word or PDF format, and automated workflows can be configured based on document status changes.


Transparent File Management

With MDM you always get the right files - avoiding costly mistakes and wasted time. All documents are kept under version control and automatically raised in version when a file is saved. This gives you full control over all changes to your files - you can browse the file history for any file, compare versions side-by-side, and restore an older version if necessary.

Fully Customizable

Since no setup is the same, MDM has been developed to be fully customizable. It can be adapted to any existing workflow and can be configured to work with existing software applications and machines. From the way data is structured and how this structure is enforced to what exact search fields should be visible in the search panel - everything can be customized.



MDM stores data in a secure SQL database and provides a flexible User Management and Permissions system that enables administrators to specify the level of access for users and groups. Administrators can easily define who can view, modify, approve, or delete certain documents and who can make backups, send/receive files to machines, and to which group of machines the authorization applies.