G-Code Programming Help from the CNC Keyboard

G-Code Programming on the shop floor at the CNC keyboard? Hit the HELP key.

If you are programming G-code on the manufacturing floor at the CNC keyboard, hit the HELP key on your Fagor CNC Control. This feature has been designed to be your personal on-board programming assistant for all Fagor 8035, 8037 and 8055 CNC control systems. Fagor CNC Controls are standard on most DMS CNC Routers. The best way to use this feature is when you’re actually in the G-code editor when you need help with a process. Simply press the HELP key.   Fagor’s 8055 CNC automatically reads what you have inquired about within the current program line and will bring-up an explanation with programming example of the operation you are doing. Or, if the process desired is a canned cycle, the CNC will automatically bring up an Interactive Editor with Graphic Assist and walk you through entering in the canned cycle variables. Simple, right? What if you’re not sure which G-code you need to execute? Just type in the letter “G” and then press the Help Key, and it’ll bring up a  list of all G-codes and their related functions. Then just scroll down to choose the operation you were looking for. If you’re wanting to bring up the Interactive Editor with Graphic assist, simply key in the Canned Cycle you wish to create, and press the Help key. For example, if you were in the the G-code editor and typed in “G66”, then the Help key, you’d be prompted with an interactive screen. On the right of the screen, you’ll have variable input windows. Then you’ll just need to type in the variable information within those window fields directly from the blueprint. And on the bottom, you’ll see small print that is the controller telling you what it’s looking for in each variable window. When you’re done, just press the Enter key and the Canned Cycle is automatically saved into your part program. There’s also a Help key location right below the yellow Enter key.   Have more questions? Contact our DMS Service Team at 855.266.5063 or fill out a Support Request. Fagor Automation Logo for Website   Fagor Automation is a world wide Manufacturer of CNC Automation Systems, Servo Motors and Drives, Feedback Systems, DRO Systems, Motion Control Systems, and is a strategic international partner with Diversified Machine Systems.   Don’t stop reading now! Check out our DMS Blog or our CNC News. Post .

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