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5 Axis Dual Cell CNC Machine


The 5 Axis Dual Cell CNC Machine is built and designed for maximum production. Two separate and independent work areas allow for near 100% up time in your production cycle. While an operator loads/unloads one side, the machine continues working on the other. The enclosed design means your work space stays cleaner as well as improving the conditions for your operators-ideal for composites or foam. The Helical Rack and Pinion X Axis provides superior speed and accuracy while the 30 automatic position tool rack provides versatility.

This machine is particularly popular among aerospace producers utilizing composites. The design allows for very fast swapping between parts-allowing you to meet your order demands faster and more efficiently. The enclosed design means the debris associated with composites stays enclosed and keeps your work environment clean.

Base Features

Fagor 8055i Power Controller
Fagor Sercos Drive System
48" Z Stroke
Spinning Ball Nut & Recirculating Ball Screw Assembly
5' x 5' Dual, Stationary Aluminum Tables
Manual Doors with Safety Interlock
Multiple Spindle Options

C Axis +/- Rotation of 363 Degrees
Table Machined Flat with 3/8" Inserts on 12" Centers
Center Dividing Wall
3 Axis Spindle Dust Hood
Absolute Feedback on All Axes
Dual-Core Windows 7 Processor
Sealed Electrical Cabinet with A/C
Stress-Relieved Steel Frame
380-480 Volt, 3-Phase Power

Customizable Options

Custom Table Size
Available with Up to 72" of Z Stroke
Bridge Bellows
Automatic Tool Changer
Tool Height Sensor
Continuous C Axis Rotation
Automatic Lubrication System
Barcode Reader
Quick-Change Fixture

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