3 Axis Metal Additive


Our 3 Axis Metal Additive machining center, integrates metal additive and subtractive hybrid manufacturing into our proven, heavy-duty 3 axis router platform.

This unique machine is ideally suited for machining aluminum materials, process development, and material characterization. With its large envelope and non-hazardous environment this versatile asset, can offer a number of manufacturing solutions not available from a traditional subtractive machine.

Our Engineers have over 70 years of combined CNC experience, with a proven track record of designing custom CNC solutions. Contact us to discuss your production goals, and our team will create a machine configured to meet your specific needs.


Large Scale 2’x2’x2’
Low Cost Feedstock
Fast Deposition, 3-5 lb/hr
Inert Environment not Required
True 3D Free Space Additive/Subtractive
Inter-pass Machining Maintains
Tolerance & Quality
Software Options Support
Hybrid Machine Operations

Standard Features

Fagor Control System
Linear Position of all Axes are Laser
Calibrated Within .001”
Heavy Duty Steel Frame
Full Safety Enclosure
4 Position Tool Rack
Compact Footprint
Frame Fits Through
Standard 72x80” Door