DMS’ CNC Machinery Advancements Featured in Manufacturing News

Diversified Machine Systems Featured in Manufacturing News for its Advancements in CNC Machinery

DMS CNC Routers, designed and manufactured in the United States by Diversified Machine Systems has made continued advancements to its CNC machinery, especially in regards to the machining of advanced materials such as composites, silicon carbide and carbon fiber. Manufacturing News recently featured an article about DMS’ 5 Axis Enclosed Overhead Gantry CNC Router and the features it offers for composite manufacturing and component protection. “This fully enclosed CNC machine features an overhead gantry style system that keeps critical components functioning reliably over the workspace and harmful contaminants,” said a DMS spokesperson. “To reduce the airborne dust within the enclosure, DMS provides dust extraction ports that can connect easily to existing dust collection systems. These features combined with operator-friendly safety options contribute to the easy maintenance, longevity of the machine and competitive return on investment.”

DMS 5 Axis Overhead Gantry CNC Router

DMS’ 5 Axis Overhead Gantry CNC Router

To read more about DMS’ response to the emerging requirements for the machining of advanced materials, read the full article in Manufacturing News: 5-Axis Enclosed Overhead Gantry CNC Router for Advanced Composite Machining. Don’t stop reading now. Check out our DMS Blog or our CNC News. Post .

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