Construction Machining

The construction industry consists of architects, engineers, designers and contractors who work together to bring a project from the conceptual stage to final completion.  Notoriously demanding and deadline-driven, this business requires accuracy, efficiency and accountability. CNC routers and large format CNC machining centers are employed in all facets construction machining, both on the residential and commercial side, to help simplify the building process.

Architects and designers use DMS machines to produce scale models of proposed projects.  Created by using, plastic, wood and other composites, these models are very complex and require an extremely high level of detail.  In the past, these models would be painstakingly built by hand over a period of weeks or months, but with the use of our advanced machining centers these precise models can be completed in a matter of days.

Building suppliers and contractors also employ our CNC routers to create architectural elements, such as doors, cabinetry, casework and moldings.  If you walk into any new house or commercial development, you’ll see evidence of CNC machining at every turn.  This type of craftsmanship used to be labor-intensive and time-consuming, but by implementing CNC technology, suppliers can reliably meet demand and stay on pace.

If models are produced incorrectly or building components are fabricated at the wrong size, the entire project can be delayed, with costly results.  In order to avoid this, developers and architects are always researching new ways to improve the process.  By employing our 3 and 5 axis CNC routers, our clients in the construction industry have been able to enhance workplace efficiency, reduce expensive mistakes, and increase production and overall capacity.