Arnold School, School House Graphics Follow Up Story

As a follow up to the original article we published about Arnold Public Schools and their School House Graphics student operated business, North Platte, Nebraska’s Channel 2 News KNOP-TV’s Beatriz Reyna covered the story as the students get into production with their new machine.

State Of The Art Industrial Technology

A follow up story video by KNOP-TV / Channel 2 in North Platte, NE. Freedom Machine Tool Followup Story from KNOP-TV Modern and state of the art technology is popping up in rural classrooms. And at Arnold Public Schools it’s helping industrial art students learn the tricks of the trade. It’s a test run for high school students at Arnold Public Schools. “It’s crazy the stuff you can do on it and I’ve been looking at it and I haven’t anything that hasn’t been given a definite “no” that you couldn’t do with this thing,” says Wyatt Olson , Arnold Public Schools School House Graphics. “They are really picking it up and you see the light bulbs light up,” says Ralph Pohl of Freedom Machine Tool. Students with School House Graphics were able to purchase the Patriot 3 Axis CNC Router for their business just a few months ago. “Where they mostly go is, we are really big in orthotics – that’s one industry. Then the other is going to be woodworking, signs or plastic,” says Pohl. “Rather than talking four of five people to do the process in a set amount of time, I can do one or two people,” says Clay Mohr , Arnold Public Schools Industrial Technology Instructor. They purchased the equipment through grants and private donations. “This is a $45,000 machine. The Cohen family, in memory of Lee Cohen, gifted it to the industrial arts department. A donation came from the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, Arnold Community Foundation, the John Applegate Teacher Fund and SORC,” says Mohr. The business creates signs for local and businesses across the country. “We make plaques for sporting events and stuff like that,” says Eggleston. The router will help bring their business and learning to another level. “I enjoy it and have fun with it but on an academic level its helping me prepare for the future and real world opportunities,” says Dillon Olson, School House Graphics Printing Manager. Read the original full article at KNOP-TV here. Don’t stop reading now. Check out our DMS Blog or our CNC News. Post .

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