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3 Axis CNC Machine

Diversified Machine Systems 3 axis CNC machines are widely recognized for their superior durability and repeatability, and are trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide because of their well-earned reputation for excellence. All of our 3 axis CNC machines feature a stress-relieved steel frame that is completely fabricated and assembled in-house, this ensures all of our machines meet the highest standards of quality.

And each DMS 3 axis CNC machine comes standard with a Fagor Controller and a corresponding Fagor Sercos Drive System, which are recognized as the best in their class for true tool path stability, speed and accuracy. We offer a variety of 3 Axis CNC machine configurations, as well as the option to design a custom solution based on your needs.

3 Axis Moving Table CNC Machine

3 Axis Moving Table CNC Machine

The 3 Axis Moving Table CNC Machine offers a stationary bridge with moving single or twin tables, and single or multiple spindle options. This machine is designed to increase productivity while maintaining an open-style machine for ease of use. The Moving Table CNC Machine is ideal for a variety of applications…

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3 Axis Gantry CNC Machine

3 Axis CNC Machine DMS

The 3 Axis Gantry CNC Machine is one of the most versatile machines on the market. Boasting an all steel frame that is stress relieved and welded in house, this rigid machine is capable of handling anything from aluminum to foam. The shear versatility alone makes this one of our most…

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3 Axis Enclosed CNC Machine

3 Axis Enclosed (1)

The 3 Axis Enclosed CNC machine features an enclosed design and all steel frame, making it ideally suited for high-speed wood or foam machining. Fabricated at our factory in Colorado Springs, the frame is welded and stress relieved in-house so we can oversee the process to ensure that our frames are…

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3 Axis D3 CNC Machine

2014 DMS D3 3-Axis CNC Router

The DMS 3 Axis D3 CNC Machine features a stationary table design with various customization options. Completely assembled using welded steel, this machine is of industrial quality and designed for high production factories. The open style allows for easy loading & unloading and the table pairs seamlessly with our quick change fixture system.…

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